Located in the southern-most area of Palm Springs, the geographic area called Indian Canyons (The Canyon) is steeped with history dating back to its indigenous people, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians who still play a major role though more than 450 members.  Sporting more than 60 miles of hiking trails, The Canyon area also offers numerous residential neighborhoods many of which reside on leased land.

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At the height of the mid-century modern movement an all-women tribal council lobbied the United Stated Congress to pass legislation that allowed the tribe to lease-out their land.  Learn about the origins and evolution of leased land through a series of articles published in the Desert Sun back in 2016.  Read the articles [+]




Single-family Homes in "The Canyon"

Today, the Indian Canyons Neighborhood is one of the most celebrated enclaves of mid-century modern residences.  There are other appealing neighborhoods in the broader "Canyon" area too.

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Alta [+]    Andreas Hills [+]    Andreas Palms [+]    Bella Monte [+]    Estancias [+]    Indian Canyons [+]    Kings Point [+]     Monte Sereno [+]    Parc Andreas [+]

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